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Portrait oil: 10-14 days;
Portrait in pencil: 2-3 days.


"New mail"
2-3 days
At the expense of the recipient


To CreditCard

Or at a meeting

Prepaid expense

30-50%  total cost;
Advance is not refundable.





A photo
finished work

after graduation;


Painting portraits in Kyiv


Art in Kiev highly valued residents of the Ukrainian capital, as well as numerous guests of this wonderful city.

Pictures on request that you write for professional artists in the city of Kiev have a high level of performance, which in turn is a result of the special people of Kiev demanding the high art of painting.

Our Ondine-art gallery in Kiev - a real treasure for those who are going to buy a painting in Kiev and replenish their clothing collection picturesque another web Ukrainian artist.

Works by artists represented in our gallery, often exhibited in major cities of Ukraine and rightly earned rave reviews visitors.

Oil paintings on canvas are designed to decorate the interior of the premises in which they are located. Today, this type of decoration premises is becoming increasingly popular in Kiev. This is a tribute to the good tradition came to us from ancient times, when every palace and mansion necessarily put oil painting on canvas depicting a hunting scene, family portraits and genre scenes. Today paintings of modern masters of art finds its place on the walls of houses, as well as in offices and receiving. Probably this fact attracts our gallery of designers who make out our picture of the interior of houses, apartments, rooms, etc. Particular relevance will look like paintings in the interior of public buildings, such as restaurants, cafes, reception, accommodations, hotels, bars, casinos and other places of recreation and relaxation. The paintings have a calming effect on us, they have to quiet conversation and create a sense of confidence and stability.

In our online gallery of painting "Art Style", you can always buy a book or a picture in your size, taking into account the scale of your interior. Our artists will do their best to choose a work of art as deeply as displayed the concept of your business or the internal image of the Owner.

Oil painting in Kiev will be performed by our artists just in time, and in accordance with your individual requirements. Art in Kiev is designed to give a good mood and keep the imprint of the era in which it was written.

Painting to order in Kiev can be especially relevant if planned any celebration. Perhaps it is difficult to imagine a more valuable and interesting gift than painting to order. Pictures on request in Kiev may be available to you if you call us at the phone numbers on the site. Painting as a gift will pass from generation to generation in the family of the owner, and will keep the memory of her Give a man a long time.

Purchasing pattern in Kiev you become the sole owner of the unique creations of the artist. It makes you one step closer to the art and is doing something different from others.

Please note that the entire assortment of our paintings are regularly updated. So do not forget to look at nai site if you are really interested in painting in Kiev and paintings. We will help you choose and buy paintings in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. Effective delivery of the "New Mail".

In recent years, more and more popularity among connoisseurs of art acquires such a service as a portrait of the artist to order a photograph in Kiev.

Online gallery "Art Style" is pleased to offer you the services in writing portraits to order in the city of Kiev. It can be a painting executed in oil on canvas and pencil on bumage. Paintings for order in Kiev

Perhaps you need to congratulate the person on the holiday and give him an original and memorable surprise gift. In this case, the most ideal one for congratulations will be a portrait, which depicts the hero of the occasion. Such gifts usually do on your wedding anniversary, anniversary, wedding or Valentine's Day.

In the manufacture of a portrait from a photograph takes about two weeks, so plan your orders ahead of time to catch the holiday.

Price of a portrait from a photograph in Kiev depends on the size of the painting, the art of performance, complexity and urgency of the work, as well as how many people want to portray.

Portrait from photo to order necessarily take its rightful place in the Collections of gifts you dear and respected person or family.

Or maybe you want to order your own portrait oil painting on canvas? Well, and this is quite possible. The only thing we must not forget - is the provision of high-quality photos that clearly discernible facial features, eyelashes and other small parts.

  Please note that all of our work and portraits from photos done by hand portrait painter. Every artist has his vision that makes his work unique. This is your original writing style - so the same man portrayed in the paintings of different artists will no doubt be different. Check out the portraits that have already implemented our artists to order in our gallery, and you may contact us for more!

We carry out portraits to order a photograph in the city of Kiev in oil on canvas and pencil on paper. No doubt painting portrait oil painting on canvas looks much more imposing, but your choice will depend on your preferences.

Prices for portraits

Portrait oil on canvas:

Number of people 20х30 30х40 40х50 50х60 60х80
1 person.  800 UAH 1500 UAH  1800 UAH  2500 UAH  3000 UAH
2 person.  1000 UAH  1800 UAH  2400 UAH  3000 UAH  3500 UAH
3 person.    2400 UAH  3000 UAH  3500 UAH  4000 UAH
4 person.    2800 UAH  3300 UAH  3800 UAH  4200 UAH
5 person.      3800 UAH  4300 UAH  4800 UAH
6 person.        5000 UAH

 6000 UAH


Pencil portrait on paper:

Number of people А4
1 person.  200 UAH 300 UAH  600 UAH  800 UAH  1200 UAH
2 person.  400 UAH  500 UAH  800 UAH  1000 UAH  1500 UAH
3 person.    800 UAH  1200 UAH  1500 UAH  1800 UAH
4 person.    1000 UAH  1500 UAH  1700 UAH  2000 UAH
5 person.      2000 UAH  2300 UAH  2500 UAH
6 person.        2500 UAH

 2800 UAH


Hello, dear friends, comrades, gentlemen, and customers.

We bring to your attention the service of a professional artist in portraits on photography to order.

We also want to acquaint you with the main aspects of our work, in order to avoid further misunderstandings.
A portrait from a photograph is a type of visual art that is becoming increasingly popular with both contemporary artists and their clients. Despite the availability of photography, a portrait, which is a real picture, made by hand in oil on canvas or a pencil, does not lose its popularity. It is very likely that while watching various movies, each of us paid attention to the fact that the refinement of interiors is always complemented by the portraits of their owners, as well as their family members. A portrait from life or from a photograph is a true family heirloom, designed to preserve the memory of a person for many generations. If you have already decided to order a portrait from a photo, in Khmelnitsky, for a gift to your loved ones, contact us! Your portrait to order will be executed by the best artists whose works are represented in our gallery.

Before starting work, an advance payment of 30-50% of the total cost of work is taken. Advance is not refundable, even if you have changed plans. These funds are spent on consumables. The portrait is created manually, layer by layer, by painstaking work and attention to detail. If you suddenly do not want to buy it - we will have no choice but to throw away the work, since no one will buy this portrait from us anymore. So let's respect each other’s work and time.

The time required to complete the portrait in oil on a photo is from 10 to 14 days, if one person is depicted. If you want to portray more than one person, add a beautiful background, clothes with small details - the time required to make a portrait increases. Make your orders in advance.

In the cities of Ukraine there is a delivery service "New Mail". The customer pays for the delivery.

The frame is not included in the price of work.
Valerii Matsiuk